( November 16, 2017 )

The Importance of Stories

This week I have been unwell, not mildly sniffly or with a slight headache but properly unwell In a stuck in bed for a few days sort of Ill . I’m usually the type who can’t sit still for a minute so for me to be confined to quarters so to speak is real punishment indeed. I found myself staring at the ceiling for the most part of last Sunday just wishing I would feel better and really feeling how long a day can really be?.

What I did have wers my thoughts and it was then I realised the importance of stories in helping us get through the day. I turned on the daytime tv and it was full of bad news and War, I read the daily paper and the same was true, it was only when I picked up some of the huge pile of unread books that I have here that I realised that for some people who (through no fault of their own ) are stuck at home through age or illness or just because of the weather or what ever? having access to good stories and accessible and affordable entertainment is an absolute must.

It would be so easy to get into a depression or a rut to cease whatever it is you have to do and just lie there without stories. When the bed becomes uncomfortable the fact that a book or an audio story can whisk my mind away to somewhere I want to be can make all the difference . Don’t think of tales as a frivolity , to some people they are the only thing that helps get them through the day.

Dont underestimate the power of writing or telling a tale , you don’t know just who your audience is or what they are going through. I am already getting better but for some people who spend months or years bed bound they maybe the difference between a long long day and one filled with imagination and tales?.

On that note a massive thank to Washington Irving, Ali Smith and Michelle Paver for giving me stories instead of my bedroom celing for a couple of days.

Take care all

Owen x

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