( October 17, 2012 )

Tales Tales and Tales

Hello All

Halloween is coming at us at a rate of knots and my mind is filled with Tales both old and new. It is an exciting as well as a nerve shredding time of year a time where being a storyteller really hits home , its a time when the audiences are big (hopefully) and the margin for error is mercilessly small. Fingers crossed that all will go well ….

Looking ahead I am currently working on a storytelling version of Dickens “A Christmas carol ” called Yuletide spirits this show will encompass a little audience participation and will attempt to create a real christmas feeling which will hopefully get you right in the mood for the festivities. I am glad to say that the response to this has been overwhelming with bookings coming thick and fast. It really does warm my heart to see all the support I get for the people whom I perform for and I thank them all from the bottom of my heart.


On that front I would also like to announce that the perfomance of Yuletide spirits at Coelbren welfare hall on the 6th of December will be in aid of the wonderful charity “Harry’s fund” ( www.harrysfund.org.uk) its a charity which I have supported for the last year or so and will continue to do so, please check them out it is a wonderful cause.

I am also really pleased to be performing Yuletide spirits at Craig Y Nos country parks Changing seasons tea rooms in the Upper Swansea Valley on the 15th of December , this will hopefully be the start of a series of projects created by myself and the park , please watch this space. Tickets are available from 01639731498

Talking of projects, I was recently contacted by the lovely Rebecca Buck of Ospray studios who is a really talented sculptress it seems that (fingers crossed) we will be working together soon to bring something truly magical to the upper Swansea Valley , i cant say much more than that at the moment but watch this space , its very exciting.

On top of all that I am also working on a project with the fantastic guys at the Bear Bones band. Early stages at the moment but next year could be a busy one the way things are going.

Hope you are all well?





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  1. Tori says:

    It all sounds great, and very exciting. I’m only sorry that it’s now too far for me to come to participate in the evenings. I’m sure all those who attend will have a fantastic time though.

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