( March 31, 2014 )

Speaking with a different Voice?

Hello All,

Apologies to you all for the delay in updating or indeed caring for this blog in what seems like an age. I feel in the past I have used it to just post upbeat missives about forthcoming shows and what can only be called ramblings about projects or people I have been fortunate to meet or work with. I think that its time to move in a different direction, its time to dance to a different beat and time to start telling stories. I am supposed to be a storyteller after all…..

I started telling stories in 1997 , the other day that didn’t seem long ago but now realise that its seventeen years ago which is incredible. I didn’t plan on becoming a storyteller, I didn’t particularly want to become one but it happened and has been happening ever since. I write a lot, I perform a lot, I draw good audiences and I travel widely . I have released a CD I have written stories and travelled to many different countries promoting storytelling and performing for vastly different audiences. I have won awards at the biggest theatre festival in the world and reviewed consistently well throughout my career but there has always been something missing, something lacking and something lonely about what I have done.  I look around , I read and I hear of all the wonderful festivals and clubs that are now promoting storytelling around the country. I read endless blogs and fascinating snippets of all the wonderful performances that are taking place throughout the land. I see , I hear but I do not participate and I can only assume that I am speaking with a different voice…..?

I do not call my self “a Teller” (tellers work in banks), I never wear robes and my religious beliefs are actually quite orthodox. I have a day job and am actually quite fond of the things that many people in this great land are fond of. I don’t think Im any better or worse than any other storyteller or performer I have just come to the conclusion that I must be speaking with a different voice?.

I wonder is my voice unique or are others feeling the same?, others that perhaps have performed for dare I say “the established storytelling voice” only to find that voice suddenly silent when you require it to speak on your behalf. Are there others out there who feel that although the audiences are more than willing to gather at your fire, its  when you require the warmth of the established flame all you find are dirty embers and a freezing breeze that swirls around you..

I consider myself a nice person, I have made few enemies and count my friends many. I have often wondered why when turing to some of the others who share my passion for the wondrous things in this and other worlds I feel I am reaching out to the coldest of shoulders. I have come to the conclusion that I am speaking with a different voice..

Thats it folks I will leave these words upon this parchment, they feel lighter now they have left my chest. Please feel free to comment, I would like that , unless of course you don’t like my voice, but that is fine too..

Until the Time between times…



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