Tales from the New Inn- Owens story CD available here

Tales from the New Inn is a collection of Owen Staton’s favorite stories from the Swansea Valley. Filled with ghosts, fairies and the devil himself, these stories have been adapted, added to and embelished in the finest storytelling tradition to bring them alive like never before.

Prepare to be terrified, amazed and, most of all, entertained.

Track List …

1. The Time between times, The call of the taleteller, Owen Staton

2. The finding of the diary, Darkness brings darkness, Owen Staton

3. The Robbers of Penwyllt, Greed and gold in the Swansea valley, Owen Staton

4. John Gethin and the candle, The Devil on the Drim, Owen Staton

5. Gwarwyn Y Throt, Rhian Harris and the Bwca, Owen Staton with Eleanor Flaherty

Welcome to the New inn. The ale is thick, the flummery is warm and the regulars will keep you entertained with a tale or two.

£10 (including p&p)

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