( November 5, 2017 )

Midwinter – post Halloween

September and October are really funny times as a storyteller. The world grows a little darker, Summer becomes a distant memory and suddenly everyone wants to listen to stories again. For the last few years for different reasons I deliberately stepped back from the crazy Halloween demand and did other things but this year I decided to do things a little differently and embrace the stories once again.

What a month its been .

I have travelled and performed all over Wales to brilliant and big audiences who seem more appreciative of classic Ghost stories than ever before, Its been exhausting its been exhilarating and its been brilliant. I am a storyteller and actor I suppose so it was about time I did some more storytelling.

If you have been to see me in the last few weeks then thanks very much for your enthusiasm and for appreicateing what I work hard to bring you. I really enjoyed doing it maybe  should stick with it in future.


One of the things i did was be involved with a couple of book launches that my good friend Mark Rees organised due to the release of his New book Ghosts of Wales – accounts from the Victorian archives (available from all good bookshops ). These events have proven to be amazingly popular and the demand to make them a regular thing seems really high. I really hope that we can do this and I am really looking forward to the launch for Freddie Fawkes which is really coming along nicely.

I also made a long overdue return to my spot on the D6 Generation and want to thank you all for the kind words on this they are as ever really appreciated.

Anyway onwards and upwards, I have a little left over from Halloween and then its on to Christmas and this Christmas is one I am really looking foreword to .

Owen. X

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  1. Kay says:

    Wish you were in New York. This looks amazing! Have fun performing! Thanks for sharing your post.

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