( January 23, 2013 )

Gather around the fire , the snow swirls outside but the tales warm our hearts

Hello All and happy new Year.

The snow is swirling around outside and the country has come to a standstill, at last though this slight break in mantic rush that is my life has given me the chance to perform a long overdue update to this site. Christmas was fantastic , the reception that “Yuletide spirits” had at Changing seasons in Craig y Nos was fantastic and motivated me even further to diversify and perform different themes and methods of bringing stories to life. To that end I have been meeting with fantastic folk duo “Bear Bones” and we shall be very shortly announcing a series of shows which will include a collection of my favorite stories performed to their wonderful music. Watch this space.

Another exciting development involves the work I will shortly be doing for a company called Wales history and hauntings (www.Waleshistory.co.uk) . This company has been running very successful Ghost walks in Margam park near Port Talbot and also at Llandaff in Cardiff. I will shortly be performing a number of their Ghost walks throughout the spring. This is fantastic news for me as it was through ghost walks and local legends that I started storytelling in the first place so its as if things have come full circle.

Please keep checking back as I will soon have a list of dates for you when i shall be doing the Ghost walk and It will be great to see you there.

In the meantime keep wrapped up and safe and please keep checking in here , I promise to write a little more here this year. Its my resolution if you like.

Owen x


( October 17, 2012 )

Tales Tales and Tales

Hello All

Halloween is coming at us at a rate of knots and my mind is filled with Tales both old and new. It is an exciting as well as a nerve shredding time of year a time where being a storyteller really hits home , its a time when the audiences are big (hopefully) and the margin for error is mercilessly small. Fingers crossed that all will go well ….

Looking ahead I am currently working on a storytelling version of Dickens “A Christmas carol ” called Yuletide spirits this show will encompass a little audience participation and will attempt to create a real christmas feeling which will hopefully get you right in the mood for the festivities. I am glad to say that the response to this has been overwhelming with bookings coming thick and fast. It really does warm my heart to see all the support I get for the people whom I perform for and I thank them all from the bottom of my heart.


On that front I would also like to announce that the perfomance of Yuletide spirits at Coelbren welfare hall on the 6th of December will be in aid of the wonderful charity “Harry’s fund” ( www.harrysfund.org.uk) its a charity which I have supported for the last year or so and will continue to do so, please check them out it is a wonderful cause.

I am also really pleased to be performing Yuletide spirits at Craig Y Nos country parks Changing seasons tea rooms in the Upper Swansea Valley on the 15th of December , this will hopefully be the start of a series of projects created by myself and the park , please watch this space. Tickets are available from 01639731498

Talking of projects, I was recently contacted by the lovely Rebecca Buck of Ospray studios who is a really talented sculptress it seems that (fingers crossed) we will be working together soon to bring something truly magical to the upper Swansea Valley , i cant say much more than that at the moment but watch this space , its very exciting.

On top of all that I am also working on a project with the fantastic guys at the Bear Bones band. Early stages at the moment but next year could be a busy one the way things are going.

Hope you are all well?





( September 11, 2012 )

So Many tales and only one (Big) mouth

Hello all, Halloween fast approches and with it comes one of the busiest times of the year for a storyteller. The phone has been red hot and the shows come thick and fast but that for me makes it one of my favorite times of the year, a time when I can really let my imagination run riot and let my pen go to town on some really scary tales without fear of scaring the audience.

On the Introduction page you can see the poster for Graver tidings which was designed by the Wonderful Eleanor Flaherty. Eleanor is a good friend and a fantastic artist/director and performer. You can check out her web page at www.Eleanorflaherty.com so please do so.

I also have to thank the wonderful People at Margam park for whom I recently spent a very wet but quite lovely August bank holiday performing for . Even though the rain came slamming down all day I still had a great time telling tales and I hope the audience did as well. I hope to be back there very soon.

Coelbren is a wonderful place. Every time i perform there the audience turns up in their droves and they really seem to appreciate the stories and tales that I tell there. Last week was no exception and i am really pleased to announce that I shall be back there on the 6th of December so if you fance some yuletide tales please join me on what should be a great night.

I hope you are all doing well and i shall catch you all at the Time between times where please be sure to say hello.

All the best



( July 28, 2012 )

The dark half of the year

Thanks to all who sent their best wishes during my illness earlier in the year. You will be glad to know that I am now back and raring to go.

Summer is proving to be incredibly busy with a huge number of schools visits as well as local performances, I am in the process of putting the finishing touches to this years Halloween show “Graver tidings” which promises to be even better than last years. I have a number of new announcements but will keep them for the autumn . Please keep checking in , you may find something that will suprise you.

All the best


Owen x

( January 13, 2012 )

New Year , New Tales , New Me

Hi All

I hope that you had a great Christmas and New Year and are raring to go for 2012. Although things have been quiet on the performing front  (took a month off over Christmas), things are really starting to heat up again. Firstly I am proud to announce that I will be performing at the “Goodnight little star “Event at Pontardawe Arts centre on  Sunday the 29th of January. This event is being organised in aid of harry’s fund (www.harrysfund.org.uk) as you may know I am a supporter of this wonderful charity and am proud to take part in what is sure to be a great event.

the on February the 9th we have the official launch of my cd “Tales from the new Inn” at the Gough constitutional club in ystradgynlais on the 9th of February at 7.30 PM . Entry is free and there will be a load of performances from myself as well as other local singers/storytellers and choirs. Please come along , have a drink and enjoy a great night , you could even pick up a copy of the cd if you wish (they are going fast).

From there its onwards and upwards (with a little break for an operation on my ear in March ) Loads of performances to tell you about but i shall keep that for another time.


All the best


Owen x

( December 12, 2011 )

A little Bit of a dream come true.

Hi all

Firstly can I  please take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry christmas and a wonderful new year. It been a fantastic year for me ,one where i have got to perform all over the country for many different people and to work with some of my favorite writers and performers. Its been fantastic..

I hope that next year brings even more such opportunities but for the meantime I have a very exciting announcement.

My first storytelling cd “Tales from the new Inn- stories from the dark heart of the valley” is now available to buy from this website. Featuring all the tales from my 2010 Edinburgh festival show and a few suprises , this CD features almost an hours worth of storytelling for your listening pleasure.

Although not offically released until February it is my pleasure to be able to offer it for sale now from the website. I will also happily sign any copies that you require. Please just ask.

I had a lovely night storytelling at the quite wonderful crystal moon shop in Goring near Reading the other night, a fantastic sell out audience in a wonderful little shop in a great little part of the country I really hope I can return there in the near future and perform on a far more regular basis in other parts of the country.

Anyway get the cd while you can and enjoy Christmas with your friends and family. I know I will just as soon as my sore ear eventually clears up.

All my love





( November 11, 2011 )

Music to my Sore Ears.

I have a ear infection, its not nice . My ear has been sore for weeks and 4 different doctors have tried four different things. My ear is still sore. Two things in recent days has caused my ear to be less sore, to stop the constant buzzing and actually make me sit up and be happy.

I am recording my first cd on the 24th of  this month.

Wow I am delighted The packaging has been designed the tales have been chosen and within a month my first CD will be ready .


Its called “Tales from the New Inn- stories from the dark heart of the valley” and will feature three of my favorite stories as well as an introduction and epilogue. All in all an hours worth of stories and it will be ready for Christmas.

I can’t wait. I am hoping to be able to set up something where you can buy copies from this website so watch this space.

I am also pleased to announce that the tawe tales event on December the 1st in coelbren will now be in aid of the Wonderful charity Harry’s fund (www.harrysfund.org.uk). This charity was set up to help good friends of Mine Michelle and Christian who tragically lost their Son Harry in an accident earlier in the year. The aim of the charity is to provide a permanent memorial to little Harry and to support other families who have lost children in tragic circumstances.

I am delighted and proud to say that all proceeds from this event will go to this charity. If you cannot make it please go to www.harrysfund.org.uk and donate anything you can to this.

That is music to my sore ear indeed.

until next time


( November 2, 2011 )

Grave tidings and Happy Endings

Thanks to all who turned out for the “Grave Tidings” shows over Halloween, I had a great time and I hope you did also. It was a joy to perform to such lovely audiences at all three venues and to be able to do the show with the lovely Eleanor Flaherty was great. My batteries feel recharged and the tales are coming thick and fast.

Well onwards we go, as you can see from the home page i have a couple of bookings coming up over the next month or so and i am planning a huge increase in performances and venues for 2012 . I am currently working on a new show called “Lovelorn” which I hope to tour with around the middle of February 2012.

Schools bookings continue to be really positive and yesterday I did an interview and photoshoot for Swansea life magazine which should appear at the end of this month. No doubt i will look like my Dad in the photos.

I hope to record my first cd before the end of the year so please keep your eyes (and ears) peeled for that one.

I hope you are all well , I thank you for your continued support and wish you all the best for the future.

See you at the Time between Times



Owen x

( May 28, 2011 )

Town centre stories

Performed on Wednesday night at the constitutional club in Ystradgynlais  and what a night it was. Firstly it was a very different crowd to what I normally get being far more used to singers and comedians i guess?, but i really enjoyed it.

The room was set out awkwardly and the crowd all decided to sit at the back of it which makes it really strange and caused me to move around a lot more than i normally would but it all seemed to go really well. It was also quite sad for after a year of performing it I finally said goodbye to Dark Heart of the valley. The two major stories in it are ones which have really captured me over the last few years and I shall be sad to see them go, but the time has come to move on and branch out a little more.

Small break now but i will be back at Abercraf on july the 13th and coelbren on the 14th with a new set of tales and will hopefully speak to you then if not before?.

Take care


( April 20, 2011 )

Back to the Dark heart of the valley

Hi All

Just had a fab night at Abercraf Welfare hall, numbers were few but those that were there were excellent. Stories included new ones about Twm Sion catti and Dic Penderyn and a new Tale from the New Inn called “Nellies Curse”. I finished off with an old favorite in Gwion and the Witch.

Big thanks again to the Sleeping Giant foundation for hosting and helping out and to Clive for his brilliant music both before and during the interval.

I love performing in the Swansea valley, the people are lovely and seem to really appreciate the stories. I especially love the enthusiasm in which they greet any Tales from the new inn stuff and it really makes me feel good about developing this mythology in the future.

Anyway back to the future. oN May i will be performing “Dark heart of the valley” for the final time at the Gough con club in ystradgynlais on the 26th of may at 7.30 PM tickets will be £5. if you would like to see the Edinburgh review of this please type it into google and it comes up under Edinburgh spotlight.

I for one can’t wait as it always seems to go well.

i also have news regarding Halloween, this year i will be at ystradgynlais Welfare hall where I will be joined by my good friend the lovely Eleanor flaherty who will reprise her role as Rhian in a New inn ghost stories show that i have yet to title. The book will also be out by this so i am really looking forward to it.

Anyway, thank you Abercraf and I look forward to returning in the very near future.

Owen X

P.s Thanks To the gower college supportive studies group for their lovely thank you card after my recent visit . It was very much appreciated.

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